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The Fourth Place publishes an original line of RPG supplements for D&D 5E that allow you to play larger-than-life characters in a cooperative and collaborative way.

Download a fully-useable sample of the first volume, The Wizard of Legend for free below, or join to get access to all of our exclusive RPG books and other originals.

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The Fourth Place Games Presents:

The Wizard of Legend (Free Trial PDF)

The Wizard of Legend (Free Trial PDF)

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The free sample version of Destiny & Demigods Vol. I: The Wizard of Legend, a supplement for the fifth edition of the world's greatest roleplaying game. Fully playable character options include a new race, subclass, background, and more.

You can play as the world's greatest Wizard of this or any age, as they return long after they became legendary, or just as their prophecy begins to come true. Get it now, before this special offer ends!

For the latest full version, which adds a new subclass option including our brand new Spellcrafting feature— and all of our indie games and bonus downloads— join our Patreon for just $5 per month or join The Sticker Club!

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