COVID Safety Summary

  • COVID-19 Vaccine required to enter our space.
  • Masks are required, unless you have shown proof of vaccination.
  • Do not enter with recent symptoms or positive test.
  • We encourage masking and staying up to date on all vacccinations.

COVID Safety Policies

The Fourth Place exists to create a space where everyone can feel at home, and to do that responsibly in an indoor space means making sure that everyone can share that space without risk to their health.


We require COVID vaccination to enter our space. Masks are also required unless you provide proof of vaccination. We encourage everyone to stay fully up to date, but as vaccine cards are phased out, any proof of vaccination is sufficient to go unmasked.

Vaccination Policy

All staff, guests, and others in the space while open must be vaccinated against COVID-19.

Anyone with a legitimate medical exemption is not required to be vaccinated, but must remain masked. This does not include exceptions for personal beliefs about vaccination.

Masking Policy

Masks are also required, but become optional when you present valid proof of vaccination (see below) to a staff member.

We encourage everyone to take advantage of the most recent COVID-19 vaccination booster available to you. Starting in October 2023, for everyone over 6 months of age, this means having the new fall 2023 seasonal booster, or an earlier vaccination in the last six months.

Parents who can demonstrate that their own vaccination status meets our policy may vouch for their children without showing proof for the children.

We provide free KF-94 masks (N-95 class) to anyone who needs or wants one.

Exposure and Symptoms Policy

Anyone who has had exposure to someone with a COVID-19 infection, or who has had COVID, flu, or cold symptoms within seven days is asked not to enter the space unless you have had two negative COVID tests at least 48 hours apart since the onset of symptoms or latest positive test, or if you have had a negative PCR test since symptoms ended.

Safe Environment Policy

We respect your personal beliefs, and ask you to respect our responsibility to keep our community safe and business open. We reserve the right to refuse business or entry to anyone creating an unsafe environment by arguing with our safety policies or spreading false information in our store.

In other words: Argue with our COVID policies in the store, and you will be asked to leave and not welcome back.