Online Membership Benefits

Members of our Sticker Club don't just get a new set of original stickers in the mail every month, they also get many more benefits of being part of our online community! Join today to be part of The Fourth Place.

  • RPG Books

    All of our original D&D content is available to our members to download for free— Including Destiny & Demigods volumes The Wizard of Legend (click for sample) and Heroic Demigods!

    You'll also get early previews of upcoming books, like our much-requested Supernat'l Park Service supplement for D&D.

  • Original Downloads

    Members get exclusive or early access to pretty much everything we create.

    You'll get free access to all of our downloads, including Kickstarter rewards like digital stickers and PDF books.

    You even get access to our crowdfunded products before the general public, and bonus originals like our indie comics.

  • Exclusive Stickers

    We sell some of our original sticker sets on the shop, but many of them are only available to members of the Sticker Club.

    Most sets are exclusive to our members for at least six months, and some are only ever available to our members! Don't miss out.

  • Hang Out Online

    Our online community is powered by Discord, so members can chat in text channels, voice chat, or even video.

  • Join Multiplayer Games

    We and our members also organize regular multiplayer games, including our relaxed co-op multiplayer Lazy Sunday Civilization.

  • Get Early Access & Give Input

    Members get to see early drafts of everything from books, to stickers and t-shirts, even advertising and plans for our physical location.

    We love feedback from our members, and you get to be part of the conversation every day.