Destiny & Demigods

The Fourth Place publishes Destiny & Demigods, an original series of RPG supplements for D&D 5E that allow you to play larger-than-life characters in a cooperative and collaborative way.

With Volume 1, "The Wizard of Legend" (free version below) you can play as a Legendary Wizard without compare. With Volume 2, "Heroic Demigods" you can play the half-divine child of a god. In the upcoming Volume 3, "The Faerie Host" you can play in the Fae Realm with even more character options than the first two volumes combined.

Try the first volume for free right now!

The Wizard of Legend

The free sample version of Destiny & Demigods Vol. I: The Wizard of Legend, a supplement for the fifth edition of the world's greatest roleplaying game. Fully playable character options includes a new race, subclass, background, and more.

You can play as the world's greatest Wizard of this or any age, as they return long after they became legendary, or just as their prophecy begins to come true. Get it now, before this special offer ends!

For the latest full version, which adds a new subclass option including our brand new Spellcrafting feature— and all of our indie games and bonus downloads— join our Patreon for just $5 per month or join The Sticker Club!

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Members of our Sticker Club and Patreon both get access to all of our books as free downloads. In fact, the full downloads are member exclusives and they get to see early preview drafts!

  • The Wizard of Legend

    Play the greatest wizard of any age, with a new Race, six subraces, subclasses for Wizard and Sorcerer, our new Spellcrafting feature, a new background, and more original rules for larger-than-life play!

    Full version only available to our members

  • Heroic Demigods

    In the second volume, play the half-divine child of gods with a new race with eleven new subraces, two new backgrounds, rules for Large player characters, our new Heroism & Hubris system for Inspiration, and more!

    Available now only to our members

  • The Faerie Host

    The next volume is far bigger than the first two combined.

    Play as one of seven new playable races including the shapeshifting Wild Fae, six new Fae-Touched subraces, and seven new backgrounds— with new rules like our Fae Glamour ability modifier system!

    Coming soon only to our members

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