After School D&D Clubs: Detailed Info

The Fourth Place offers weekly After School D&D Clubs for middle school students!

After School D&D Club Includes:

  • Two hours of supervised, structured play once per week
  • Learning to play Dungeons & Dragons (5th Edition) or another RPG chosen by each group
  • A shared story experience appropriate for middle-school-aged children
  • Narratives and situations designed to encourage and reward collaboration, cooperation, and group problem-solving
  • Game and story run by an experienced storyteller
  • Access to all materials needed to play
  • A fun time pretending to be knights, wizards, and so forth together!
  • A safe and fun space after school, available every day with included After School Membership


Details for Spring 2024 Season:

  • Student Membership included (now with +1)
  • $40 per week
  • 10% off for Early Registration (Richmond Families by March 10)
  • Further discount for Members
  • Registration by March 17
  • Play April 17 through June 14

Questions & Feedback: This is primarily a registration form. If you have questions about the program, or feedback on what would make it more accessible for your student, please email or call 617-917-4261.


Registration Process:

Registration for each season begins about one month before the start of the season, with a detailed registration form made available. The form allows you to confirm your kid's availability and preferences and provide key details, and confirm your registration.

Once each family has registered, they receive confirmation of which session their kid will be in, followed by a link to pay for the season, typically via monthly payments.

There are a limited number of seats available for each session and each season. Spaces are reserved on a first-come, first-serve basis based on when you submit each season's registration form. Kids already in the program have first priority to remain in the same group. Each program's registration form is sent first to current members of the program, our paid members, and those who complete our Youth Programs interest survey.

For Richmond School parents who sign-up early for each season, we offer a 10% discount off the standard rate. We also offer discounts for our paid Members, so they don't pay for the included membership twice.

Weekly Schedule:

  • Each sign-up is for one day per week at the same time, with the same storyteller and players. (You may purchase multiple sessions.)
  • Wednesday: 2:30 to 4:30 pm
  • Thursday: 3:30 to 5:30 pm
  • Friday: 3:30 to 5:30
  • Kids can stay later with the included After School Membership

Seasonal Schedule:

  • Winter Season (2024): Jan. 3 (after Winter Break) through April 13 (including April Break) - 17 game sessions including optional weeks for Feb. and April Breaks
  • Spring Season (2024): April 17 (after April Break) through June 14 (near end of school) - 9 sessions
  • Summer Season (2024): June 26 (early summer vacation) through Aug. 30 (end of summer vacation) - 10 sessions
  • Fall Season (2024): Sept. 11 (second week of school) through Dec. 20 (before winter break) - 14 sessions (no session Thanksgiving week)
  • Includes Student Membership for length of season ($50 value per month) or discount for current members, allowing students to use other resources until 6:00 pm, and stay as late at 10:00 pm

More on Scheduling:

  • Scheduled day includes two hours of supervised RPG play with experienced Game Master (storyteller) and students can stay after until convenient for them to go home
  • Program breaks for major school holidays and vacations: Thanksgiving week, Winter Vacation
  • Program continues, but sessions are designed to be skippable, on other school closures (teacher in-service days, February break, April break, and snow days when safe for everyone)


Expected Attendance:

  • Each Season is designed to support multiple groups of four to six kids per group, currently five total groups per week
  • Students can miss sessions as needed, but the price is for the full season
  • Because each game is an ongoing story, missing more than two sessions, or leaving early for multiple sessions is a negative experience for the kids.
  • We ask that you only sign up if your student will be available to play the full length of the session, with at most two exceptions per season (not counting school closures)

Additional Benefits & Access:

  • Program includes Student Membership (with +1) to The Fourth Place, for length the Season, a $50 value per month.
  • For students with paid Memberships to The Fourth Place (in the name of the student, or a Family Membership in the name of a parent/guardian, discount ensures you don't pay twice for membership
  • Membership benefits are good until 6:00 pm daily (including weekends), and students are welcome to stay after 6:00 pm for free events and activities
  • We open at 2:00 pm Wednesday through Friday, and at 11:00 am Saturday and Sunday
  • We close at 10:00 pm each day, except Friday and Saturday, when we are open until 11:00 pm
  • Hours will be expanded during Summer Vacation to accommodate Summer Camp program, meaning Monday and Tuesday evenings will be available during the Summer
  • Member benefits include shared access to tabletop game library, premium game tables, video game consoles, arcade games, and table space for studying (with free wi-fi) plus discounts
  • Limited supervision in a safe and entertaining space, outside of weekly RPG session


Financial Assistance: We want our programs to be accessible for as many people as possible, and for the Place to be for everyone, not everyone with a lot of money. Richmond School families seeking financial assistance can speak with John LaCrosse. We also hope to be eligible for grants for low-income families for our Summer Camp. If you still need assistance after those options please email and we will work something out.