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  • Monthly Membership (Hanover, NH) - The Fourth Place
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Monthly Membership (Hanover, NH)

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Support The Fourth Place by preordering your membership! Preorders also get a bonus pack with stickers, flyers, and coupons for half off day passes for your friends.

With a monthly membership to our Hanover, NH location, you get all of the benefits of membership, including:

  • Reserved access to our Bandpass Design XL premium tabletop gaming table in the Tower Room
  • Reserved access to our Table of Ultimate Gaming Gamechanger gaming table in the Tavern Room
  • Use our big library of tabletop games, plus RPG books, graphic novels, books, and more
  • Free access to our Pac-Man Pixel Bash arcade cabinet featuring 32 classic Bandai-Namco games like Ms. Pac-Man, Galaga, and Dig-Dug
  • Play on our collection of eight gaming consoles including PS5, Switch OLED, Steam Deck, Quest 2, and original NES and our jumbo 4K OLED TV
  • Free refills on fountain drinks for one person (after your first)

Plus, only monthly and annual members get:

  • Personal membership card granting additional discounts at our partners
  • Exclusive early access to limited edition, Kickstarter, and other special products
  • Exclusive products, sales, and discounts only for members
  • Choice of annual member perk after 12 months of membership

That's all on top of what any visitor can enjoy including our mocktail bar, soda fountain, snacks, cafe seating, Yogibos, standard game tables in the main room, and huge selection of games, comics, books, clothing, and collectibles for sale.

Notes: Valid only at our Hanover, NH location when the location is open. This is a monthly recurring membership. This location is expected to open early fall 2022. You will be billed upon purchase, and one month after location opening. ($300 value compared with using a day pass each day we are open for a month.)