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Delivered!: A Solo Journaling RPG

Delivered!: A Solo Journaling RPG

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Delivered! is a solo journaling RPG about balancing responsibility with exploration in space. You are the pilot of a solo-captained courier vessel tasked with completing deliveries all over the galaxy.

The objective of this game is for your courier to deliver parcels and earn promotions while exploring new places and meeting new beings.

To complete your journey, your courier performs actions using their stats to resolve card-drawn events that happen along their delivery route. Events might result in their vessel breaking down, an additional parcel needing to be delivered, an error causing a miscommunication with a planet’s inhabitants, or any number of other occurrences that could aid or impede a courier’s ability to complete the task at hand. A die roll determines whether their actions succeed or fail; multiple successes lead to the successful delivery of parcels.

Along the way, you’ll document every success, failure, and delivery in your Captain’s Log. Delivered! is meant to be played over multiple sessions, but can be resolved during one long journaling session, if desired.

The game ends when the courier has successfully delivered a number of parcels determined by the difficulty of play, or has failed three deliveries.

To play Delivered!, you’ll need:

  • somewhere to document your Captain’s Log;
  • a standard deck of playing cards (jokers included);
  • a four-sided die (at least four for optimal gameplay)—a set of polyhedral dice is also recommended, but optional; and,
  • a copy of this rulebook for reference and prompts

With the PDF purchase, you'll get:

  • a 20-page rule and reference book,
  • a printable and form-fillable courier character sheet,
  • a printable and form-fillable reference page
  • a printable and form-fillable parcel tracker, and
  • access to a courier character sheet template on Notion,


What people are saying about Delivered!

Solo RPG Delivered! melds journaling prompt-based play with the seeming monotony of hauling packages across the vast emptiness of space. Balancing responsibility with boredom and all the other expectations saddled on the underappreciated delivery drivers out there will form the meat of the experience, but who knows what all can happen out there beyond the planets’ gravity wells.
      — Chase Carter, Dicebreaker

Fun prompts, a well-organized rulebook, and enticing prompts allowed me to write my own exciting space adventure! Did I find a shortcut through an asteroid field? Yes. Did I unexpectedly run into an ex and have a slightly uncomfortable conversation? Also yes. Also I helped some dolphins fix their spaceship, got raided by space pirates, and delivered a shipment of yarn to a cat. A good time all around!
      — Jacob Haller

Be a pilot, take people's things, and give them to other people. With luck, you'll give them to the right people! Without it, you'll end up lost in space!!!!
      — TheDnDad

Game & Layout Design: Kari Jo "Kage" Freudigmann
Editing: jessica ross
Playtesters: Jacob Haller, ReprobrateGamer, and Space

This work is based on Caltrop Core, published by Titanomachy RPG. This game is not associated or affiliated with Titanomachy RPG in any way. The Caltrop Core SRD is licensed for use under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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