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  • Planet Scumm #15: Extinction Events (Spring 2023) - The Fourth Place
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Planet Scumm #15: Extinction Events (Spring 2023)

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Another digital issue of Planet Scumm has arrived on Earth, and Scummy is oozing with excitement about this one. We’ve got stories from some truly magical authors for you to read, including Ai Jiang, Yume Kitasei, Renan Bernardo, James Stoddard, Rebecca Campbell, Geoffrey W. Cole, Karina Dove Escobar, Chinaza Eziaghighala, and Yang-Yang Wang. Issue 15: “Arcana Major” features a cosmic concoction of stories that deal with the arcane, the occult, the macabre, and of course the inscrutable. Though still chock full of oozy sci-fi goodness, we noticed this particular issue tends towards a more Lovecraftian, mystic science fiction experience. You’ll be consumed by the ravenous cities in “The Throat of San Dante”, you’ll be too scared to take your tentacles off your ocular orbs in “Cover Your Eyes” and we don’t even want to mention what happened when our last intern (RIP) got a hold of an undiluted copy of “The Battle Of York.”Needless to say, this issue is only for the very brave, or the very, very foolhardy.Just joking, of course, this is a totally safe book to read that will absolutely, 100% not curse your family unto the 7th generation. We promise*.