(Game Night Ready)™ Libraries

(Game Night Ready)™ Libraries

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Our flagship (Game Night Ready)™ Game Libraries put you one click away from a fantastic game night.

Get seven of the best games for board game night, upgraded to be (Game Night Ready)™, with protection like lamination and card sleeves, in a premium library box or INIT Gear GameFolio Vault duffel.

Versions for Business include our Success Kit, so you can launch and run a successful weekly game night from your restaurant, coffee shop, bar, or other business.

See About Game Libraries for some more general information.

See our Terms & Conditions for Businesses for more information on Business versions.

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Our mission is to create spaces where geeks feel at home, and everyone feels welcome to play with our cool toys.

We noticed that there's nobody out there to help individual players, or businesses, have an easier time hosting a great game night. Curating a worthwhile game library and getting it (Game Night Ready)™ is a lot of work. Taking that hard work off of peoples' hands, and doing it right, will take time and money.

Our (Game Night Ready)™ Libraries are available from our shop starting December 1st, 2018, and to local customers near our Enfield, NH headquarters.


We offer three ways to carry and store your new game library, to suit your situation and your budget.

The least expensive option is a custom, rugged The Fourth Place library box. As cardboard goes, it's durable and attractive, and has a place to lay claim by writing your name and contact info right on the box. (It ships inside a less pretty box, to protect it.)

The portable option is paired with an Init Gear Gamefolio Vault duffel bag, with plenty of room for your seven core games, plus a few more.

Our deluxe option includes both of those, and upgrades you to a complete Init Gear Gamfolio system, including the Vault duffel bag, plus four Gamfolios to store games for easy organization and transportation.


Our (Game Night Ready)™ Libraries come in versions for individual players and for businesses. They all include seven hand-picked games, which we think make the perfect starter game library, protected with card sleeves, laminations, and everything else to make sure they survive the fun.

Versions for businesses include our Business Success Kit, designed to make it much easier for places like restaurants, coffee shops, bars, and hotels to host a successful game night without a lot of preparation. The kits include rules, etiquette, and tips for players, plus a guide for owners and managers to run and promote their game nights.

Versions for individual players are a little less expensive, and include a little of our merchandise in place of the success kits. They make great gifts for friends moving into a new home, or getting married, and are a great way to jumpstart your game library.


All of the games in our libraries come (Game Night Ready)™— You get the best games, and we add premium, sometimes hard-to-find card sleeves, lamination for fragile papers, extra baggies, and whatever else it will take to make sure that your game is safe from your filthy beloved friends or customers!