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Summer D&D Club: 2024

Summer D&D Club: 2024

The Fourth Place: Youth Programs

For Summer 2024, we are offering a single special D&D Club, similar to our seasonal After School D&D Club.

This summer club is unique in a few ways, in order to trial solutions for attendance issues that have impacted game play in earlier After School D&D seasons:

  • Two days per week: Wed. & Thurs. 4:00 to 6:00 pm, July 10 to August 22
  • Sessions can be missed: $10 credit with 48 hour notice
  • Guest players: Players' friends can join ($29 per session, max 6 at table)
  • Much lower price per session: Save ~40%
  • No complex registration: Just sign up here

This program includes a Youth Membership to The Fourth Place for July and August, so kids can use our library of games and other member benefits until 6:00 pm daily. This season now includes a +1 to share member access with a friend, family member, or other guest. If your student has their own membership, or the family has a Family membership, you save $12 per week.

Members Save $12 per week!

Only use the Membership Status you currently have. If you intend to purchase a membership, check out with that membership before or in the same cart (not after).

Program Details:

We usually have a multi-step registration process, including Registration form, followed by payment. For this program, we're skipping the first step, so some of the details are included here:

  • Program only available to students entering Grade 7-9 (or equivalent) in Fall 2024
  • Only one schedule is available for this season: Wednesdays and Thursdays, July 10 through Thursday August 22, from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm (14 sessions over 7 weeks)
  • All sessions will be charged even if your student misses sessions or withdraws entirely, with one exception:
  • If you notify us of an absence at least 48 hours before the session, you'll be given a $10 store credit or gift card
  • When less than six regularly enrolled players are at the table, available spots will be available for $29 per session per guest, with first priority going to friends of the enrolled kids
  • Payment is seven equal weekly payments starting when you complete this checkout process. (Payments run and end automatically.)
  • Local attendance at The Fourth Place in downtown Hanover only, no remote play availabler
  • Program runs with a minimum of four enrolled players, and a maximum of six. (If we get fewer than three sign-ups, we may refund everyone.)
  • Schedule is not compatible with our Video Game Design or Creative Writing for RPGs Workshops, which also run on Wednesdays
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