Terms & Conditions for Businesses

This page outlines the simple terms and conditions that businesses agree to upon purchasing and using our (Game Night Ready)™ games, game libraries, and other products from outside manufacturers and publishers. These conditions are necessary to ensure fairness and success for all of our clients, and to maintain our relationships with partners like game publishers and distributors. Please review them, and email us if you have any questions.

Products Not for Resale

The Fourth Place is an authorized reseller of a number of brands of games, accessories, and other products. We do not have the right to sell games to other resellers, and in a few cases cannot sell retail packaged games or books to other businesses unless we make them (Game Night Ready)™.

Businesses may only purchase (Game Night Ready)™ versions of games. By purchasing games, books, or collections from us, you agree not to resell them, under any conditions. Games and books we provide may not be given to customers as prizes or promotional items. We encourage you to direct customers to our online shop.

Events Use The Fourth Place Branding

The Fourth Place is in the business of helping everyone host successful game nights. Using our brand helps you benefit from the success of other businesses, and vice versa.

By purchasing games, books, or collections from us, you agree to use The Fourth Place brand when promoting your publicly available game library, an organized game night, or other events utilizing our games, books, libraries, or other products. This can be as simple as using the stickers, box, and other promotional materials we supply.

Your purchase includes license for use of our brand names, including "The Fourth Place" and "(Game Night Ready)™" and our logos and included marketing and promotional materials.

Scheduling & Competition

Our mission includes ensuring that you can successfully create spaces for customers, and host successful events. It is in the best interest of The Fourth Place and all of our clients to avoid over-saturation of competition, or scheduling conflicts, in any community we serve.

By purchasing games, books, or collections from us, you agree not to schedule any events using our brand and/or products opposite other events using our brand and/or products, in the same community. We also ask you to work in a spirit of cooperation, recognizing that everyone can see greater success if our mutual customers are best served.

The Fourth Place will endeavor to avoid selling to more than three clients in a single community. (Where a community is a single town, or a neighborhood in a larger city, roughly corresponding to zip codes.) We will also happily track your event schedule, to assist in promotions and de-conflicting schedules.

Success Over Sales

The Fourth Place operates on the principle that the success of our community of customers, clients, players, and partners is more important than individual sales. We're here to assist you in making sure that your events are successful, both for creating community and spaces, and financially. If you need anything, please reach out.