Bring a Friend Rewards Program

The Fourth Place is here to be a community space and second home for everyone who loves games, comics, geek culture, and the many hobbies and fandoms that we share.

Because community is the core of our mission, our rewards program is centered around bringing friends not just shopping. Every time you bring a friend, we make it easier for you both to get the benefits of membership, and earn rewards worth up to $60!

Share with a friend and you both get a stamp:

  • Bring a Friend to The Fourth Place for their first time here— plus you can share two for one Day Passes
  • Members who Bring a Friend here for their first time— plus you can share extra Plus One for a friend's first time
  • Send Friends here for the first time by buying a Day Pass to give them
  • Use such a Day Pass for the first time

Collect eight stamps to choose one reward:

  • $25 gift card to The Fourth Place
  • Four Day Passes to use however you want ($60 value)
  • One Month Membership (up to $60 value)

Stop by the Place to pick up your free Bring a Friend Reward Card!

The Fourth Place Bring a Friend Reward Card - Earn Rewards for Bringing Friends, not spending money. Collect eight stamps for four day passes, one month membership, or $25 gift card!

The "Fine Print": Reward card available upon making a purchase at Hanover, NH location, buying a Day Pass or membership, or at the discretion of The Fourth Place LLC. Reward card, stamps, and rewards are not transferrable with the exception of Day Passes earned when redeeming a completed Reward Card. Promotional offers and rewards noted here only available when bringing an individual into The Fourth Place in Hanover, NH for that individual's very first time. No purchase required to earn stamps. Stamps may be gained when bringing someone into The Fourth Place for their first time (no purchase necessary), sharing Memberhship "plus one" benefit (or additional "plus one" as noted) with an individual for the first time with that individual, buying a Day Pass with the intent of using it as a gift for someone who hasn't been into the Place before, or using a Day Pass given as noted above for the first time. Each offer here can only be used by another individual for each individual coming into The Fourth Place for their first time, and once for each person as the new individual. Stamps may only be gained as noted here and/or at the sole discretion of The Fourth Place LLC. Member benefits including those noted here are only available to a member of The Fourth Place's Hanover location with their subscription paid and in good standing. Reward Cards do not expire, but stamps may not be issued in future based on changes to or termination of the program. Reward card, stamps, and Day Passes have no cash value. A valid reward card with eight stamps earned in the ways above may be redeemed for the bearer's choice of four Day Passes, one month trial membership, one month extension of an existing membership, or a gift card for The Fourth Place loaded with a $25 value. Reward card or benefits may be revoked due to failing to follow our community standards, failure to comply with the terms of the card, or at the discretion of The Fourth Place LLC.