We each have a Third Place— The space, after home and work, where we feel most at home and comfortable. When I was a kid, it was the art room and the library. On TV, characters we love have practically lived at The Bronze, Ten Forward, C.C. Jitters, or Cheers.

The Fourth Place takes its name from that sense of belonging, plus some geeky concepts that are close to my heart:

Wizard Sticker.png
  • Jack Kirby's cosmic comics set in the Fourth World

  • Tales of Faerie as the Fourth Realm, after Earth, Heaven, and Hell

  • The kind of gaming group where you still have a blast when you get Fourth Place.

(Game Night Ready)™

Our first product is a series of upgraded games. We only sell games that we love, that we know are great for game nights and parties. You can buy them in regular retail packaging, or packaged with protectors and other accessories designed to make them... Well, you get the idea.

Game libraries

We have just launched our flagship product-- (Game Night Ready)™ Libraries, including seven top-tier games, selected and accessorized for a perfect game night. We sell versions for individuals and businesses who want to host the perfect game night, and you can get them in either a box or a Gamefolio Vault duffel bag.

The Fourth Place won't just be one place— or hundreds, or thousands, of little places— it will become somewhere we can always find. We can't wait to show you how!