Special Orders
(for friends)

You have found a secret page, shared with friends of the owner, and other close fans. (If you don't know Ian personally, try this very similar page.)

The online shop only focuses on selling games that we (me and you guys) love, that I'm able to make (Game Night Ready)™— but I also love connecting people with the games they love too, and learning about new games.

Use this page if you'd like to special order a game, or any game accessories. I like helping you by getting you a good price on a wide variety of games, and it helps me reach my distributor's free-shipping minimum, and gives me an excuse to talk to you when I drop it off or arrange shipping. If you worry about that sort of thing: I'm not doing you an expensive favor, we're trading favors in a mutually beneficial way. I'm still left with a margin, and I won't feel weird for charging a friend full price.

PRICING (for you):

20% off MSRP with Free Shipping to the US, with the following limitations:

  • I can try to match in-stock pricing that you find online, including Amazon, if you mention it.
  • I'm not allowed to sell any game below MAP (minimum advertised price).
  • Dropping off the next time I see you, or best-rate shipping, is free.
  • Shipping to Canada is "our" normal flat-rate $10.
  • Games will ship to me once I have a minimum order with the distributor (to get free shipping). That may take a while, but it means your order helps me save money.
  • You won't lose me any money-- If the wholesale cost of the game, plus shipping both ways, wouldn't make me at least one penny, I'll let you know. You don't need to feel guilty.
  • When I sent your game, I'll ask if you want an invoice to pay by card, or to pay me in person. Don't pay until you receive the game, I'll just feel guilty.

Request Form:

The form below is not a purchase form. It sends me an email, and I should be able to reply the same day, confirming what I can get you, and how much it will come to. Once you confirm that you want it, and how you want to pay, I'll add it to my next order with the distributor, and (for credit cards) send you an invoice via email. Please don't pay me until you receive your stuff..

You can list the names of multiple games here.
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Shipping Address
If you think what you want isn't completely clear, this is a good place to explain in more detail.
We may or may not do something with this information.
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"We" can't currently provide games from some publishers, including (but not limited to) Asmodee, Fantasy Flight, Days of Wonder, Academy Games, Magic: The Gathering, Bezier Games, Cards Against Humanity, Cheapass Games, Cryptozoic, and Steve Jackson. (I'll let you know ASAP if I can't get a game for that or any other reason.)

"We" can generally provide games and accessories from the following major publishers, and many more:

  • Avalon Hill Games (Wizards of the Coast, inc. Betrayal)
  • Dungeons and Dragons (Wizards of the Coast)
  • AEG/Alderac (Smash Up)
  • Atlas Games (including Gloom)
  • Cephalofair (Gloomhaven, but it's out of stock until the next Kickstarter)
  • Czech Games (including Codenames, Dungeon Petz)
  • Gamewright
  • Greater Than Games (including Sentinels of the Multiverse)
  • Iello (King of Tokyo, Mountains of Madness)
  • Leder Games (including Vast, Root)
  • Level99 Games (including Millennium Blade)
  • Mantic Games
  • Mayday Games
  • Panini
  • USAopoly (Many co-branded games)
  • Skybound
  • Stonemaier Games (Scythe)
  • WizKids
  • Arcane Tinmen
  • BCW
  • Chessex
  • DragonShield
  • Ultra•Pro

I cannot provide games and accessories from this (nearly-comprehensive) list:

  • Asmodee including: Fantasy Flight, Days of Wonder, Plaid Hat, Space Cowboys, Catan Studio, Heidelbar, and Z-Man games
  • Action Phase Games
  • Adam's Apple Games
  • Arcane Wonders
  • Academy Games
  • Bezier Games
  • Cheapass Games
  • Vampire Squid Cards
  • Cryptozoic Entertainment
  • Catalyst Game Labs
  • Cubicle 7 Entertainment
  • Dude Games
  • Daily Magic Games
  • Eden Studios
  • Far Future
  • Floodgate Games
  • Fireside Games
  • GreenBrier Games
  • Gigamic
  • Granna
  • Green Ronin Publishing
  • Haywire
  • Indie Boards and Cards
  • Jack Dire Studios
  • John Wick Present
  • Keymaster Games
  • Lark and Clam
  • Mind Bottling
  • Monte Cook Games
  • Mercury Games
  • Resonym Games
  • Nocturnal Media
  • NSKN Games
  • Oink Games
  • Overworld Games
  • Pandasaurus Games
  • Portal Games
  • Ravensburger
  • RedShift Games
  • Restoration Games
  • Roxley Games
  • Red Raven Games
  • Smirk and Dagger Games
  • Stronghold Games
  • Signal Fire Studios
  • Steve Jackson Games
  • Surfin' Meeple
  • Strawberry Studio
  • Utter Nonsense
  • Wildfire
  • Wizards of the Coast - Magic: The Gathering