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Gloom takes “play to lose” to a whole new level: Each player plays as a spooky family (in the tradition of Edward Gorey, the Addams Family, or the Munsters) trying to ensure that their family members are each as miserable as possible when they die, and that their opponents’ family members die happy— and suddenly!

The unique clear plastic cards lead to some great overlay mechanics, and make the cards extra safe from damage at your board game night or party. This macabre but light game is perfect for a group with a darker sense of humor, or at a game night with a spooky theme.

Title: Gloom (Second Edition)
Publisher: Atlas Games
Players: 2 to 5 players
Play Time: 60 minutes
Ages: 13+ (10+ except for morbid themes)
Type: Card Game
MSRP: $24.95
(Game Night Ready)™: $26 with free shipping

The Fourth Place (Game Night Ready)™ edition of this game starts with the base game, and adds an ‘Ex Libris’ label, rubber bands, plus we throw in a spare copy of the rules.

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In the Gloom card game, you assume control of the fate of an eccentric family of misfits and misanthropes. The goal of the game is sad, but simple: you want your characters to suffer the greatest tragedies possible before passing on to the well-deserved respite of death. Play horrible mishaps like Pursued by Poodles or Mocked by Midgets on your own characters, while trying to cheer your opponents' characters with marriages and other happy occasions. 

Printed on transparent plastic cards, Gloom features an innovative design by Keith Baker. Multiple modifier cards can be played on top of the same character card; since the cards are transparent, elements from previously played modifier cards either show through or are obscured by those played above them. You'll immediately and easily know the worth of every character, no matter how many modifiers they have. You've got to see (through) this game to believe it! 

The second edition includes sturdy new packaging, rules fixes, timing icons, reminder cards, and more; plus it's fully compatible with the first edition game and supplements. It's sure to delight even the most despondent Gloom fan!