The Fourth Place creates spaces where geeks feel at home, and everyone is welcome to play with our cool toys.

Part of that mission is helping you find stuff that lets you show off your geek or gamer pride, and connect with other people who love the same stuff. This Kickstarter “By the Meeple, for the Meeple” is coming soon, to help you get your hands on some cool original enamels pins and stickers.

Full Product Sheet for KS.png

collectible enamel pins

The centerpiece of the campaign is a set of shiny enamel pins!

We start with 30 mm soft enamel pins in five designs— each stretch goal unlocks more designs, and upgrades the pins with features like colorful backing cards, a larger size, or snazzier-looking hard enamel.

jumbo sticker sheet

However many pin designs are unlocked, we will also offer a gorgeous sheet of twelve premium vinyl stickers in bold interpretations of all twelve designs.


88 Deluxe Pack.png
  • $12 - Enamel Pin or Sticker Sheet

  • $22 - Two of a Kind Matching Pins

  • $44 - Four Pins in any unlocked designs

  • $88 - Deluxe Reward Pack above

  • $444 - Ultimate Reward Pack: Unlock a pin design of your choice, complete pin collection with four of the pin you unlocked, t-shirt, four sticker sheets, and magnet or pin.