The Fourth Place (Game Night Ready)™

the Fourth place (game Night Ready)™ editions

Startup “(For Geeks)" launches accessorized line of popular and acclaimed tabletop games to help players and businesses host successful game nights out of the box


Ian Struckhoff (Founder)
51 Sargent Street Enfield, NH


ENFIELD, NH, August 28, 2018  The Fourth Place has released a line of (Game Night Ready)™ editions of tabletop games, accessorized to be ready for players and businesses to go straight to hosting game nights.

These upgraded versions of popular and critically-acclaimed board and card games are repackaged with premium and hard to find card protector sleeves, lamination for fragile papers, ‘ex libris’ name labels, and other accessories like zip-lock bags and rubber bands, to be ready to play— and to survive game night— right out of the box

Launch titles include value-added upgraded versions of games for players from 10-year-olds to adults, such as Avalon Hill Games’ hugely popular Betrayal at House on the Hill, Leder Games’ asymmetrical indie hit Vast: The Crystal Caverns, Czech Games Edition’s accessible Codenames: Pictures, and Atlas Games’ flagship card game Gloom.

Games sell for MSRP plus the wholesale cost of upgrades, with free shipping within the United States. Total cost is generally cheaper than even the typical online retail cost of each game plus the accessories included, and saves players and businesses time finding and assembling everything. Pre-assembled games ensure they can go out in front of players out of the box, instead of sitting until someone has time to set them up.

The Fourth Place founder, Ian Struckhoff, rambled extensively about his passion for creating geek spaces, and slowed down enough for us to write this down: “When game companies and distributors didn’t have a way to categorize The Fourth Place, I knew I was on to something. Players, and businesses like restaurants, coffee shops, and bars, want to be able to run game nights, but often can’t find partners to make it easy. It’s exciting to be in a new space in a familiar and growing industry.”

These and other games are available now in (Game Night Ready)™ editions on The Fourth Place’s online shop at or A preview of the company’s upcoming Indiegogo campaign is linked via

The Fourth Place is a startup with a mission to “create spaces where geeks feel at home, and everyone feels welcome to play with our cool toys”. The first product line is a series (Game Night Ready)™ games, accessorized so players and businesses can host successful game nights. Future projects will focus on creating community spaces and events built around board and card games, comic books, cosplay, roleplaying games, and other pop-culture interests. The Fourth Place is based in Enfield, NH and at

If you would like more information, please contact Ian Struckhoff at or 617.917.4261.