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Designing My First Game: Flee the Greywood! (Part 1)

When I started The Fourth Place last year, I didn’t expect to be working on any games of my own— then I went to a game design night to play some prototypes. Less than a month later, I’m developing my first prototype. This blog series will follow ‘Flee the Greywood’ from it’s history as a comic idea, through it’s development as a prototype, to wherever it ends up.

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Board Game Night Snacks (Part 1): Drinks!

If there are three things that are dear to my heart, they are playing games, hanging out with friends, and eating! That makes a blog series on snacks for board game nights a little obvious, but what can I say— I know what I’m about.

First up, probably the most popular topic, and the first question people always ask— What kind of beverages?

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