Gaming Enamel Pins & Stickers Kickstarter (Vol. 1) Prelaunch!

I am proud to officially announce the prelaunch of a Kickstarter campaign I have been working on for the past few weeks!

The Big News:

This post is coming now because two big things have happened:

First, I have completed the designs, and ordered samples of all of the products— to make sure the quality is up to our high standards, and so I can show off the pins and stickers soon.

Second, I have announced that anyone who joins our newsletter before the Kickstarter officially launches will get a free bonus sticker (still to be revealed) with any physical reward!

Enamel The Fourth Place.png

The Who, Where, and Why:

By now, you’ve probably seen The Fourth Place’s mission a hundred times— Creating spaces where geeks feel at home, and everyone is welcome to play with our cool toys. You may also know that doesn’t need to be specific literal places— We want to feel that way everywhere.

I usually wear t-shirts with nerdy, geek culture references. I’ve begun to notice that when I do, people who love the same times often complement them. That leaves me feeling happier, for the complement, and because I’ve met someone who I know I have things in common with.

I want The Fourth Place to create that feeling, for as many of you as possible, as often as possible.

The What:

After dusting off my design skills to build The Fourth Place’s website, social media, and some more basic merch, I realized I could apply that to some stuff that is less about advertising the company, and more about helping us all advertise what we love.

The centerpiece of the campaign is a set of twelve enamel pin designs. There’s stuff in there to showoff your pride as a tabletop role-player, a board gamer, an old school console gamer, and as yourself.

The campaign will start with five designs unlocked, with stretch goals that unlock more designs and upgrade the pins. As we get further along, not only will new pins appear, but the pins will gain backing cards, get bigger, and even upgrade to snazzier hard enamel. (There’s even a reward level where you can unlock any pin you want!)

No matter how many pin designs are unlocked, there will be a sticker pack available with bold versions of all of the designs, that will really stand out on bold vinyl stickers for your laptop, water bottle, car, or forehead. (Maybe not that.)

The When:

We aren’t announcing the launch date of the campaign, until we know more about the overall timeline. We want to get this one right, which means a lot of preparation behind the scenes.

Follow us on social media, and join our newsletter, and you’ll definitely be the first to know when we show off samples, announce the launch date, and launch the campaign!