2019: Happy New Year

2018 was a big year for us:

Our first.

Thank you for being there at the beginning! Let’s take a quick look back at this year, and a peek at the year to come.


July 19
The Fourth Place founded, and my 40th birthday!

August 8
Facebook Page created and company founding announced

August 10
Website launched and our first ever online sales!

August 27
Launched our first set of (Game Night Ready)™ upgraded games!

September 1
Indiegogo for (Game Night Ready)™ libraries for players and businesses!

October 23
First pop-up game night, in White River Junction, VT


As big as last year was (for a tiny company like this) next year is on track to be even bigger!

First, I’m well into planning a Kickstarter Campaign for some fun enamel pins and vinyl stickers for gamers.

Second, I’m in early stages of researching a month by month Pop-Up Location in New Hampshire. If all goes well, it will be a place where you can come to hang out, play some board games, sit down at a game console, or even play your weekly tabletop RPG!

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Thank you,
Ian Struckhoff
The Fourth Place