Designing My First Game: Flee the Greywood! (Part 1)

When I started The Fourth Place last year, I didn’t expect to be working on any games of my own— then I went to a game design night to play some prototypes. Less than a month later, I’m developing my first prototype. This blog series will follow ‘Flee the Greywood’ from it’s history as a comic idea, through it’s development as a prototype, to wherever it ends up.

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Short Reviews: Favorite Board Games for Two Players

With Valentine’s Day coming up, it seems like the perfect time to tell you all about some of the best board games for two players— especially because I have mostly been playing two-player lately, so a lot of these are fresh in my mind.

If you don’t have a big gaming group, you have probably noticed that two-player games are hard to find, and really great ones that are just as great for two players are even more rare. I’ve wracked my memory (and pestered my friends) to come up with a bunch of tabletop games that are a blast for two— not just technically playable without more.

Includes reviews focused on two-player play of Monarch, Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle, Consentacle, Vast, Pandemic, and Scythe, plus some more games we recommend for you and a partner.

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(Game Night Ready)™ Review of Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle (USAopoly)

My first rule for the (Game Night Ready)™ line of upgraded and protected games is that I only sell games that I love. The second is that every game needs to belong in any well-rounded collection of great games for social game nights.

For a little while, I bent the first rule for Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle, because it came highly recommended by friends, and checked so many boxes to balance out the perfect game night collection: Deckbuilding, Cooperative, Campaign, a Familiar Franchise, and Family-Friendly— with bonus points for involving Wizards!

(I know what I’m about.)

The game recently came down off of my Shelf of Shame, and it was even better than I expected.

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Shelf of Shame Review: Monarch (Resonym)

In this series of reviews, I’ll take a game from my own Shelf of Shame, play it, and share my first-play impressions. The first review in this series is of a gift for our collection from a local game company that I am coming to really love— Monarch by Resonym.

A simply beautiful game— Easy and elegant to play, with very high quality package and components, and gorgeous artwork combine for a fairytale atmosphere. (4/5, Fond Favorite)

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Board Game Night Snacks (Part 1): Drinks!

If there are three things that are dear to my heart, they are playing games, hanging out with friends, and eating! That makes a blog series on snacks for board game nights a little obvious, but what can I say— I know what I’m about.

First up, probably the most popular topic, and the first question people always ask— What kind of beverages?

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